Frequently Asked Questions

What information is included in a prelim?

Owner, legal description, tax information and valuations, tax district, parcel number, lot dimensions, copy of current deed and property record card. Prelims do not include information relating to liens on the property.

How do I get my buyer's loan to close with Home Services Title, LLC?

Instruct your buyer and/or their loan officer to send the order to us via fax, our website or by phone.

Can you take personal checks at closing?

Maximum amount of a personal check is $1000. Only 1 personal check can be accepted on a buyer's behalf.

My Seller is upside down and will owe $792.00 at closing. Can he write a personal check?

NO! Our policy requires certified funds for any amount owed at closing by a SELLER.

Are money orders considered to be 'good funds'?

YES. Acceptable forms of good funds can be money orders, certified checks, cashiers checks, official checks, credit union checks or wires.

Can you take cash?

YES. Not to exceed $9,999.99.

Can we show $2,500 carpet allowance on the HUD?

If a lender is financing the transaction, typically their answer is NO.

Can you cut a check directly to the buyer for the $2,500?

If the check for repairs can't be cut directly to a 3rd party (contractor), it is best for these scenarios to be handled outside of our closing. We look at these requests on a case by case basis. NO on 100% financing (conventional or VA).

Can the Seller tell me what title company I have to use?

NO! Whoever is paying for the title insurance gets to choose the title company.

I'm not sure who to ask for when I call your office?

The corporate office receptionist can direct your call if you tell her your need(s). All of our staff are posted on our website with their job descriptions and photos.

I've just listed a CONDO, what extra information will be needed for closing?

When listing a condo, or a property with a Home Owners Association (HOA), please ask the seller who manages the HOA and get a phone number. A letter stating the current status of the dues is required, as well as a copy of a master insurance policy certificate for our property.

If my seller bought the property years ago before he was married, does his spouse need to sign anything at closing?

YES! The spouse will need to sign the deed over to the new buyer at closing conveying her dower interest to the new owner.

My buyer is married, but his wife isn't on the loan. Does she need to attend closing for any reason?

YES! The spouse will need to sign the mortgage document (and some other miscellaneous documents) in order to mortgage her dower interest in the property.

My buyers are getting a VA loan. Does the termite report have to be an original?

YES! It's a requirement of any FHA and VA loan to have an original termite report less than 90 days old at closing.

Do you need my seller's SSN for any reason?

YES! Please get social security numbers for your sellers at the listing appointment. These are most often needed in order to request and obtain payoff quotes on their current mortgage(s).

What is the difference between a General Warranty Deed, Limited Warranty Deed and a Quit Claim Deed?

A General Warranty Deed conveys marketable title and all the grantor's right, title and interest to the grantees.

A Limited Warranty Deed conveys marketable title from the grantor and that he/she does warrant and will defend the same to the grantee. He/she makes NO promises so far as the former owners of the property.

A Quit-Claim Deed conveys whatever interest a grantor has to the grantee. He/she makes NO representations as to title.