Our Staff - Home Services Title in Dayton Ohio - Affiliated with Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors

  Tyler Pyle, President of Home Services Title Tyler Pyle - (937) 705-1147 - Email Tyler
    Tyler manages our title operations. He underwrites title exams and resolves title defects. Tyler’s direct fax is 937-306-1582.
  Lisa Terry, Home Services Title Lisa Terry - (937) 705-1148 - Email Lisa
    Lisa manages the closing and marketing department and conducts closings. Lisa’s direct fax is 937-306-1581.
  Michelle Bohardt, Home Services Title Michelle Pyle - (937) 705-1149 - Email Michelle
    Michelle manages the escrow department and conducts closings. Michelle’s direct fax is 937-306- 1583.
  Alek Klopf - (937) 705-1170 - Email Alek
    Alek tracks and processes all preliminary information received from both agents resulting in requesting payoffs, HOA status letters, commission splits, marital status, etc. Alek is also our secondary closing officer. Alek’s direct fax is 937-306-1943.
  Kelly Burrows - (937) 705-1151 - Email Kelly
    Kelly is one of our processors. She prepares all closing statements and closing documents, puts all final touches on the closing file, prints checks and final ledgers, prepares preliminary HUD’s for all our lenders and also prepares and sends out seller documents. Kelly’s direct fax is 937-306-1761.
  Jenny Davis - (937) 705-1152 - Email Jenny
    Jenny is our Office Manager and your primary point of contact. She schedules all signings, closings and appointments and notifies all involved parties. Jenny is also conducts closings. Jenny’s direct fax is 937-306-1587.
  Michelle Wayne - (937) 705-1153 - Email Michelle
    Michelle conducts title searches by traveling to various counties; records our legal documents, and also researches and prepares our preliminary title search product. Michelle’s direct fax is 937-306-1071.
  Jessica Caldwell - (937) 705-1154 - Email Jessica
    Jessica is responsible for preparing all files for closing as well as disbursing and balancing the money on all files after closing. She returns all original closing documents to the lender after closing and reviews all legal documents prior to recording. Jessica’s direct fax is 937-306-1588.
  Rebecca Vaughn - (937) 705-1156 - Email Rebecca
    Rebecca wears several hats. She tracks, prepares and sends seller document; assists Julie with opening new orders, assists Alek with payoffs requests and processing seller information sheets; she tracks all mortgage location surveys, orders all closing protection letters and orders all title updates once files are scheduled to close. Rebecca’s direct fax is 937-306-1584.
  Jerry Boggs - (937) 705-1158 - Email Jerry
    Jerry is our lead closing officer and marketing representative. Jerry is often out of the office conducting closings or making sales calls to various CBHR offices. Jerry’s direct fax is 306-1939.
  Julie Strader - (937) 705-1167 - Email Julie
    Julie is responsible for opening all new orders, requesting title searches and surveys. She also works with Chris in preparing title commitments and closing protection coverage letters. Julie’s direct fax is 937-306-1939.
  Marie Crandall - (937) 705-1150 - Email Marie
    Marie is our newest addition to the HST Escrow Processing team. She assists Kelly and Jessica with closing file preparation, seller document and post-closing shipping. Marie's direct fax is 937-306-1942.
  Casey Hardenbrook - (937) 705- 1171 - Email Casey
    Casey runs daily to various county courthouses and performs the majority of our title examinations. He also records our legal documents and also gathers information for our prelims. Casey’s direct fax is 937-306-1791.
  Ashley King - (937) 705-1172 - Email Ashley
    Ashley is our primary title underwriter. She prepares all title commitments. She also handles all remittance to our various underwriters. Ashley’s direct fax is 937-306-1844.
  Stephanie Perkins - (937) 705-1166 - Email Stephanie
    Stephanie is our title problem resolutionist and secondary title underwriter. She works closely with Tyler understating title issues. She assists in preparing title commitments and issuing final title policies to new homeowners and lenders. Stephanie’s direct fax is 937-306-1066.



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